Fashion Tips That Work All Time

We all love fashion. It may not be fancy and glamorous all the time. But the style, the look that makes us who we are defines the term ‘fashion’. Fashion today, thee trending styles we talk about on magazines and blogs comes and goes. But there are some fashion tips that seem to never go away. Today we are going to give you some of these tips to add to your beautiful life and feel the difference.

  • Here’s a tip that never goes out of style; I call it ‘the skin showing theory’. Here’s how your goes, yes showing skin in a gorgeous dress / outfit does look pretty sexy. But to keep the sexiness in the sand of style and fashion, you knew to make sure that the skin is revealed from only one place of the bid only. If it’s a leg you plan on showing, with a nice cut in the side, then show no cleavage. Likewise keep it hot.


  • If your closet is filled with clothes that goes in the colour ranges starting from black, grey, dark brow to dark blue to all those shades of dark colours. Make sure to accessorize it with bright colours. For instance, planning to go all black? How about a red sachet to go with it? Or even great if you get your shoes to go with the sachet. While dark colours symbolize hold looks giving it some light could actually look cooler than you expect.


  • This next tip is something I personally find as a major mistake done by many women. When it comes to wearing heels to pants, make sure that the hem of the pant comes down to the heel and stays at most half an inch above the floor. When you have the pants length to your ankle, it gives a pretty disturbing look as the heel comes in separately to the outfit. But if you wear as I mention above, with the heel coming up to the hem height, the outfit looks more complete.

  • When it comes to buying clothes, before you do, think about how you can wash it. See if the material can be washed a couple of times without the clothes getting harmed, see if the clothing material seems like something you would take to the cleaners. If it seems like a cloth that you won’t make an effort to clean hard then I suggest you walk away.


Well, these are some of the major fashion tips of all times that are still in use today.Hope these tips will actually create a new, different look on you.



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