Major Fashion Mistakes Done When Styling

It’s no doubt that we all just love to style. But one thing we need to make sure is that we are doing it the right way. There is no issue in following your own style as long as you are soon it right. So as to know what is right and what is wrong, the following are some of the most common fashion mistakes people make when it comes to styling.

  • You know how you see an outfit on a mannequin at the shop, and it just looks drop dead gorgeous? Yes, a have all been there. Those right skirts, the sexy high heels look just perfect don’t they? But before heading in to buying directly do try them own. The very last thing you need is buying clothes that you can’t walk with. Yes it looked great on the mannequins we get it! But unlike us, mannequins don’t move and they don’t really have work to do.


  • Another mistake people seem to do is wear sunglasses indoors. Yeah, you may have your reasons; tired eyes for one. Or it may be way you say ‘your look’. So more that this look is pretty offensive. If you wear sunglasses indoors while you are talking to someone especially it gives a rude remark as if you are annoyed or that you don’t care about the person who you are talking to. We can’t exactly change society norms now can we?


  • Never wear an outfit that may disturb another person. For example, if you are a person who gets in pact subways or small elevators, make sure that the clothing and its fabric is not going to disturb/ harm any person. To be more exact; no wearing those leather jackets with the metal spikes coming out.

  • Do remember that not only the expensive comes in beautiful. Believe me, not every designer wear is going to look pretty in everyone’s eye. Some people may have different opinions to it. And I have seen so many beautiful outfits that seem way too cheap when you look at the price tag. So if you are a person who thinks the expensive it is; the prettier it shall be, then it’s time you open your eyes and look around.


Did any of the above ring any bells inside you or your closet? Hope not. But if so, guess it’s time to change some things around the place. There are so many fashion don’t to talk about in this world but these are some of the common things I have noticed. Anyways, have fun styling and as always, stay beautiful!



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