Lingerie Shopping Tips For Full-Figured Women

The right lingerie can make a massive difference in how a woman feels about her body. This is even truer for women with curvy and full figures who seem to struggle at every step when it comes to shopping for lingerie. If you find that you avoid going lingerie shopping just because you know that the results are going to be frustrating, don’t do that anymore. Here are some great tips and tricks on how you can choose the right lingerie for you that will work like magic.

Dismiss The Trend And Be Your Own Person

So here’s the deal, Vogue and some of the leading global fashion platforms are all about the curves and full figures nowadays and the lingerie that you seem on their covers and centerfolds can actually be very tempting. But when it comes to choosing something for regular use it may not be very practical and on the other hand, you also have to understand that the images on these adverts are airbrushed and retouched.  So if you don’t look the exact same way as the model in that magazine looked don’t feel disheartened. Be yourself and know that if you are confident you can pull it off.

Relax When You Are Taking Measurements

One common thing that most women do regardless of their figure type when measurements are being taken is to automatically suck in their tummy or hold your breath so that your midsection looks less prominent. Don’t do this. It will only get you ill-fitting clothing and especially lingerie. Relax your body and embrace your curves. If you feel like the lingerie you are buying makes you look wide, pair it up with womens plus size hosiery such as black and sheer fishnet stockings or lace ones that look sultry and will also slim you down.

Get Things That Work On Your Problem Areas

You also have to have a good eye to choose the right kind of lingerie that will work on your problem areas. For example, full-bodied women can do with a corset style bra that will give them the illusion of a slimmer waistline. Look around and do a bit of research on lingerie that will work on your problem areas and then go for your lingerie shopping for better results and a successful shopping spree.

Choose The Right Fabric

You should also pay attention to the fabric that you choose when it comes to your lingerie. Usually these days lingerie is pretty much available in every type of fabric that you could think of from leather to lace to everything else. You should ideally look at buying items that have a mix of cotton and lace as well as some silk and sateen mixes in them. Fishnets will also look great on you especially if they are in black colour as well. These are some tried and tested fashion shopping tips for lingerie from the world of fashion that will help you start your lingerie shopping with confidence.


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