What does a manicure mean to you?

For the moms it’s a valid excuse to take a break from the kids and for anybody else it is the way to bring on your ‘’A’’ game in office and among your friends. We all want to look and feel our best and for some this means keeping their regular appointments at the nail salon and who are we to judge?

I personally prefer the simple French mani but there are a variety of them out in the market now. I can see how they may seem appealing to others. They come in many colours, finishes and accessories and moving onto be a very lucrative business indeed.

Gel manicure Singapore has become vastly popular and has a huge following of fans for itself. It is quite mesmerizing to watch a nail artist at work. It takes a lot of patience and attention to detail to do what they do and the end product in my opinion is nothing short of a miracle.

The nail salon is a great place to hang out with your girlfriends and catch up on how life is treating you.it is also a perfect time to collect your thoughts or think through a problem that is bothering you. Manicures are a luxurious experience that is very pampering and relaxing. It is also a great way to keep your nails looking your best and not have to hesitate to shake hands when you meet somebody randomly on your way out of the door.  

Just like anything else, if the relevant health and safety standards are adhered to gel nails are something you can look forward to as it gives you the opportunity to explore many designs and colours. There are many m]nail salons that offer its customers a variety of nail related services that you can choose to fit not only your choice but  your pocket too. It is a fun way to experiment all the different shapes and sizes nails are sported today in.

Benefits of gel manicures?

For one, it is far more durable than a classic manicure and now can be performed in the same time it takes to do a classic manicure.

It is said that it has a better shine and finish than a classic manicure and gives you the opportunity to be adventurous with your nail length.

They are a creative alternative to anybody who suffers from any form of nail disorders including nails that are either deformed or discoloured.


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