Different Colors of Lips

The lips may be irresistible to look at if you put on the right amount of color in it. If you drink a lot of water then it will be looking just like healthy and normal lips. There is a wide variety of choices in the color schemes of lipsticks or lip tints.


Red is the most known to be an attractive color. A red lip is an icon of some of the famous celebrities around the world. It is very famous and very visible. Even though you are very far away from the people since the wave length of the color red has less energy and low frequency.


What most girls love is plush pink color that makes them look more feminine and conservative in a way. A natural color of the lip when it’s healthy shows a very good-looking lip. Some hates the color pink and would rather choose other colors that are available in the store. Most females want to have that color with different shades and different strokes in their lips.


The nude color is the most trending now online. This generation likes the color that looks blunt and almost looks like there’s no color. Although, I can’t resist the truth that it really is a good color and it looks good on the people who wear them confidently.

Other vibrant or dull colors

These colors include the neon ones like orange, green and some even wear violet lipstick color. If you’re kind of dark and a person who is quite gothic then the color for you is the color black. It depends on the person if they are confident enough because not everyone is cut off for this. Some are shy and can’t even handle the attention being given by the people around them.

Some rather choose a lip embroidery Singapore to enhance and make their lips more beautiful. The choice of color really depends on the person’s quality and their type of color. You can wear different colors every day, depending on your mood. There really is no problem with that. You still have the last decision on this.

You may ask the people where you buy your make-up from which color best fits your skin color and they will recommend it to you. But if you want to discover it on your own then you could try on some testers there by the back of your hand some of the few strokes of lipsticks and differentiate them from one another. It’s not bad to ask others about your style and choice. Just make sure you rock it because you’re the one who really wants it.


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