Design Your Jerseys For Corporate Activity Or Sports With These Tips

Sports jerseys are a great way to commemorate your event or promote your business. Today, you can customize the jerseys for your team, business, brand, or club.

Indeed, everyone loves a limited design for a jersey. With the tools available today, you can design the jerseys for your team. This apparel can project teamwork among your partners, clients, or fans. Thus, you must start completing your own jersey design that you can always be proud of. Here are some effective tips that you can try in jersey design:

Choose the Right Material

Select the appropriate material of your football jersey singapore according to its functionality. Do you need a fleece lining to keep your clients warm during the winter? Or do you need a breathable fabric during the summer season?

If you wish to design a jersey for an athletic lifestyle, then you must select high-performance materials. This must allow flexibility, it must be breathable, and it must absorb moisture. Meanwhile, you can use richer cotton fabrics for heavy jerseys, tracksuit tops, and team sweaters. For cold weather, you can consider using fleece lining. Make sure that the jersey is seamed and stitch with quality to make the finished product nice.

Personalize or Customize the Jerseys

To make every team member feel important, you must personalize their own jerseys. Put their lucky number and names on it. You can also put the name of the business at the front to keep the brand or company identity.

The personalized details can either be embroidered or printed on the jersey. With embroidery, it can give a classy feel or look on the jerseys. You can put it into the hoodies to be recognized.

Keep the Jerseys Colorful

The colors of the jerseys will reflect the branding colors of the company. As you create the design, you must have various options. Present it to the team members and ask their opinion about your designs.

As you include your team in the design process, you can be able to build excitement during the entire process. Before you make the final color or design, check what colors the competitors are using too.

Strategically Add your Color

You can add your company logo at the center of the chest or upper sleeve. Consider if you are putting a small or large logo for your jersey. Indeed, the logo will create a lasting effect on the jersey. You must play around with the placement of the logo in the apparel. You can ask your team for their feedback and what will work best for the jersey.


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